Makeup, SFX and Prosthetics Workshops

Monika Swiatek is an accomplished and well known Makeup Artist, Prosthetics Maker and SFX Designer and has traveled the world working on projects for TV, film and theatre - making her the perfect mentor and teacher for anybody looking to increase their skillset, training and experience in these areas.


After perfecting her technique at some of London's best makeup schools, Monika offers her very own workshops in all the areas of her expertise including:

Beauty and Fashion Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Fashion Hair Styling

TV & Theatre Makeup

Body Painting

Special Effects


The Self-Makeover - Achieve The Perfect Look for individuals wanting to perfect their own makeup

Monika can arrange workshops for you featuring any of these areas as 1-on-1 intensive sessions or group classes. Depending on your requirement, and the area you'd like to learn more about, Monika will tailor a course that meets your specific needs, which is personalized and perfect for you. Upon completion of any workshop, you will be provided with a certificate summarizing the areas that you've learnt.




Known by her students and peers for her hands-on approach to her work and training, Monika ensures that her workshops are dynamic and designed to make sure that you receive the training that is right for you, based upon your current skills and experience, and where you want improve and the areas you want to learn. 


With Monika not only will you learn both the theory and practical skills required to work and develop in the Industry, but you will learn and share the vocational skills and professional required to work on set, deal with fellow professionals and gain insight in to how to succeed and create your own successful career.

Moving beyond the classsroom, Monika is also able to offer her students work experience, whether it's accompanying her on fashion shoots or following her on to set. This gives the option for actual practical experience which can help you hone your skills and develop as a professional.