Monika Świątek: Make-Up, SFX Artist, and Stylist


Personal Profile


I am an experienced and qualified professional Make Up Artist, SFX Designer, Hair Stylist and Prosthetics Maker. I am well experienced in producing makeup for professional photography and film-making, and my eye for detail has proved invaluable.

I have been trained by Gurus of SFX and prosthetic makeup artists Steve Johnson (famous for his work on Predator, Spiderman 2 and War of the Worlds) and Tate Steinsiek (known for his work on Law and Order, and the Amazing Spiderman).

My own style is fresh, clean and inventive which has led to me being employed in numerous fashion shows, photo shoots, television and music video productions, features films , editorial work and  tv commercials (including  Barclays, Pepsi Max). In 2014, this experience  led to me being selected to work on the promotional campaign of HBO's True Blood in UK. I now have more than 30  credits on IMDB for my Makeup and SFX in the film industry.

I was employed in the West End as the Make-up Artist at the Leicester Square Theatre. In recent years I have worked around the world on various film projects. My work has been published in magazines and advertising campaigns and I have worked with many celebrities including Kate Nash, Jessica Ware, Skin, Isabelle  Allen (known from her main role in Les Miserables)  and most recently E.L. James (Author of 50 Shades of Grey).

I also work regularly with the prominent and award-winning photographer Emily Soto, famous for shooting covers of top magazines and one of the most renown trainers of photography on the Internet. 

In 2012 I  have opened my own Make Up School for beauty Make Up – Art Working Centre. After 2013, I have  started  doing my own  SFX and beauty  Make Up workshops  which  soon became a very big success story.


Personal Details

Family name: Świątek

First name: Monika

Telephone: (+44)7849 894 848





Professional Experience

 Work Publications 

Part Time Magazine China, —Spindle Magazine, —55magazine, —Fashion Institute, —Bite Fashion 

& Beauty Magazine,   —Giuseppina Magazine, —Fashion World , —Cooltura,  —Lejdiz Magazine ,   

—Vogue British Magazine,   —Fashion Finest Magazine,   —- Push It,   —Fiasco Magazine,   —1883 

Magazine,  — Londonist,   —The Clothes Whisperer,   —At Fashion Forte,   —Nouse Newspaper,  

—Fashion Finest Magazine,  —Pretty Portobello, — Fault Magazine,  —Fashitectc, —Heruni,  —The 

Style Column,  —LaunchPad Magazine,



Celebrity Clients

E.L. James,  Kate Nash, Fabio Volo, Skin/Skunk Anansie, Sheridan Smith , Tarja Turunen

Jessica Ware, 5ive, Target, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Young Guns, Matt Roberts

Charles of London,  Emily Soto,  Benjamin Whithrow,   Sylvia Syms,  Beardyman

Darkstar,  Ben Peel ,  April Pearson, Christian McKay, Sheridan Smith

The Coronas, Danny Webb, Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables), Melissa Etherindge                    


Fashion, Editorial and Photography 

2008-present              Collaborating with various photographers and  Makeovers /Photographics Studios, Model Agencies as a Stylist and Make-up Artist (London), e.g. 55 studio, Orchid Studio, Model Advice , Kube Studio, Deco Doll, Koval Studio  –vintage make up and hair styling  etc .


Feb’15- present            LDN Models Ltd (London) Make Up and Hair  


Nov’14                         TATEOSSIAN (London) Madame   Butterfly – Vogue event       

May’14-present            London School of Modelling (London) Make Up and Hair 

May’14 –present          Charleston Dance&Vintage Hen Parties (UK) Vintage Hair and Make Up

April’14-present            Runway Models ( London) Make Up and Hair 

Jan’13-Dec’14 Art Work Training Centre- (London) teaching Make Up


                    Hyde Park Gig – Make Up in VIP area 

May’13 Collectif Vintage Fashion Shoot (London) Make Up and Hair  

Jun’13 Elementree Fashion Show (London) – Make Up and Hair Designer

Feb’13 –present Torture Garden . Fashion Show for many designers including Costume design 

Katarzyna Konieczka (London) Make Up and Hair 

Feb’13 London Fashion Week (London) for PRITCH LONDON design – Hair Stylist

Feb’13 Wella Hair Demo (London – HOB Academy )Make Up Artist 

Jan’13 WOSP-Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London –XXI Final –Make Up 

and Hair 

Dec’12  London College of Fashion (London)MA Costume Show ’12 –Make Up and Hair

Sept’12  “Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 “(Chichester) Vintage Make-Up and Hair 

August’12 “Olympic Fashion Show” (London) Body painter at STYLOlympics

Jan’12  Private VIP’s event and show for Tony&Guys – Make Up Artist

Jan’12 -present Editorial and Fashion work as a Make Up Artist published in Vogue British 

Magazine, Fashion Finest Magazine, Part Time China Magazine, Push It, Fiasco 

Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Londonist, The Clothes Whisperer, At Fashion Forte, 

Nouse Newspaper, Fashion Finest Magazine, 55TV and Magazine, Pretty 

Portobello, Fault Magazine, Fiasco Magazine, Fashitectc, Heruni, The Style 

Column, LaunchPad Magazine, The Ballad Off etc,

March’12  Fashion Shows (London) for Tokyo Fashion Show, Oxfam Charity Fashion 

Show, Cancer Research Fashion Show, Prêt A Manger  Charity Fashion Show, The Circus of Seduction .

September’ 11 London Fashion Week - Mua for Francessa Marotta design

August’11 Barefoot Festival - (North Leicestershire) Body Painter for a dance performances

Feb ’11-present 55studio (London)  -  Make–Up Artist/Hair Stylist /independent 

Lots of different make-ups, fashion and editorial works 

e.g. Make up for editorial with Kate Nash/singer , Charles of London 

Rock’n Roll,   Fashion label for Spindle Magazine, 55 Magazine etc.

Jan’11-present Lejdiz Magazine (London) – Make-Up Artist/Hair Stylist/Fashion Creative Director

Dec ’10-present Freak  Art Show – Public  monthly Fashion and Art Event –Make-Up Artist

Oct’10 Winter Westminster Festival —SFX/Make-Up Artist and Face Painter.

April ’10  Alternative Fashion Week 2010 present by Alternative Art (London) –Make-Up 


March’10 GAP Studio (London) Miss Universe 2010 Photo shoot –Tara Hoyos Martinez 

 (Winner) Make-up Artist/ Hair Stylist                        

Dec’07-Apr’08 ‘Laif’ Polish Weekly Magazine (London) Designer and Stylist

May 2008 Prozak (Krakow, Poland) Fashion House Fashion Show, Body and Face painting Film, TV and Commercials

May’15                        “Hush” (London) charity tv commercial by Alice Spence .Head Make Up and Hair 

April’15                        “Adam Bell Charity”  (London) commercial .Head Sfx Make Up

March’15                     “Curse of Mesopotamia”(Amman –Jordan) Directed by Lauand Omar.SFX Make Up 

Feb’15                         “The Cat Face”(London) short film by Ogodinife Okpue .Head SFX, Make Up and Hair

Jan’15                          “Extra Time” (London) short film.Head Make Up and Hair  

Dec’14                          “Vileda –ViRobi” ( London) tv commercial for Vileda .Make Up and Hair

Nov’14                          “Young Minds Charity Film (London) TV charity commercial .Make Up and Hair 

Oct’14                           “True Blood” (UK) promotional campaign of HBO's. Head of SFX Make Up

July ’14- Aug’14            “Barclays Digital Eagles” (London) Tv commercial .Make Up and Hair

July ’14                          “Extra Time” (London) short film .Head Make Up and Hair 

July’14                           “Dole” (London) the web tv series .Head Make Up and Hair 

Jun’14                            “Charity Right” (London) TV commercial .Make Up and Hair

June’14                          “Rose” (London) short film. Head SFX, Make Up and Hair 

May’14                          “Polish Bakery” (London)tv commercial .Make Up and Hair 

May’14                           “BDD” (London) short film by Flaminia Graziadei .Head Make Up and Hair

April’14                          “Just in Time” (London) short film.Make Up and Hair

Feb’14                          “Jaded Star”(London)short film. SFX Make Up Artist 

Feb’14                            “They Call Me the Kid “ (London).Make Up and Hair 

Jan’14                             “Pepsi Max Viral” (London)commercial .Make Up and Hair 

Jan’14                            “She” (London) multi awards winner  short by Chelsey Burdon and Mark Vassey

                                          Actors including ; Fiona Dourif .Key Make Up Artist and Hair 

Nov’13                           “Pako” (Amadiya- Iraq) feature film by Walid Taher and Visual K Production – Key Make Up Artist and Hair .

Sept ’13                         “The Contract ”(London) feature film directed by Nic Auerbach and written by David  Marconi . Actors including ; Danny Webb, Isabelle Allen . Key Make Up and Hair 

August’13                      “The Engagement “(London) short film by Greg Zinger Kay Mua /Hair and Costume 

July’13                          “Help Point”(London)short film by Andrew Margetson – Kay Make Up and Hair 

July ’13                           “Dan’s Monologue”(London) short film by Gary Thompson – Make Up Artist 

June’13                          “Ric-hard III”(London) short film by Pedro Caxade – Sfx Make Up Artist 


May’13   “Yellow Cake”(Erbil, Iraq) feature film by by the Ministry of culture cinema and               

                                         Theatre Department Director Dr. Tariq Al-Juburi- Make Up and Hair 

April’13                          “ Dana Dana”(London) musical by Mutana Mohmed-Key Make Up and Hair 

March’13                     “Double Cross” (London) short black and white film by Deutschmark Productions  

                                        20s period Make Up, Facial Hair, Hair Styling – Key Make Up Artist                 

Feb’13                          “Abracadabra” (London) short film by Benedykt Zasadzki –Key Make up and Hair 

Feb’13                          “Mr Pencils Creative Persuasion”(London) short film by Martin Doyle  .Make Up 

Dec’12                         “Once a Man”-(London) short period film by Asim Abbasi .Period Make Up and Hair 

Dec’12                          “Ella Rose”- (London) feature horror film by Rachel Tatham- Prosthetics Maker 

Nov’12                           “Breakdown ”(London)- feature thiller / horror film by  Andreas Prodromou.Lost Boy 

                                       Pictures Production .Head Make Up Artist /Sfx and Hair


Oct’12                          “Volo in diretta”—the Italian TV prime time chat show. I was engaged as the Make Up Artist for E.L. James, writer of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, who was being interviewed by Fabio Volo. The interview was shown on Italian TV on 11th October


Oct’12 “Heart” (London)-short film by Anton Short-Prosthetics Maker and Sfx, Make Up Artist

Oct’12 “Drive-thru” (London)—short film by Georgina Higgins—Sfx, Make Up Artist and Hair

Sept’12 “Wonderbook—Book of Spells” (London)—an interview with creators and developers of a new virtual Harry Potter PlayStation game. Make Up Artist

Sept’12  “Free Falling”(London)-short film by Nina Morini and Offbeat Films- Make-Up Artist

August’12 “Get an Oxford BA (Hons) in 2 years” (London) by ‘Go Wild’, promotional 

video for an  

                                       Oxford College – Make Up Artist 


August’12 “I Wouldn’t Wish the Eighties on Anyone!” (London) short film by Craig 


July ’12 “Se-rurta”(South Wales), a feature fantasy and sfx film by Merlyn Roberts . I was Head Make Up Artist of a huge team of muas. My work included managing my team, design make up, keeping a continuity book, liaising with the costume department etc. Make up was mostly bodypainting, sfx and prosthetics.                


July’12 “Bogged Down”(London) short for Virgin Media by Benjamin Dawson—Make 

Ford—Special   Effects Artist, Make-up Artist.

July’12 “Walmart  Violin Commercial”(London), by Jabril Muse - Make Up Artist

July’12 “Remarkable Women-Lady Geek TV”(London)  pilot for a documentary series about  relevant women nowadays with Kymberlee Jay, the plus-size hip-hop dancer for   Madonna—Make Up Artist and Hair

July ’12 “The Followed”(London) short film by Zak Klein-Make Up Artist and Hair

May’12 “Kid Gloves” (London) a feature film by Adam Simcox and Uncanny Films-Head Mua

April’12 “Got Milk Commercial”(London), by Jabril Muse and Valentina Rizutto. Make Up Artist

April’12 Commercial for 45 Lane Hotel and Celebrity trainer Matt Roberts (London). By 

April’12 “The Angel” (Luton)-short film by Ed Wiles. Make Up Artist and Hair 

3C-Films.Make-Up Artist 

April ’12–present TV Show for a Korean Television (Abbey Rd Studios, London) Head Make-Up 

Artist. worked with musician and singers e.g. 5ive, Target, Penguin Cafe 

Orchestra, Young Guns, Skin, etc.

March’12 “Bleached” (London) short film by KaPowMedia –Katie Pow. Make Up Artist 

and Hair

March’12 “Wave of terror”(London)short film by Amelia Leeson –Sfx Make Up Artist and 


March’12 'The Pea and the Fracture Princess”(London) short film by Keren Ghitis .Make Up Artist, Sfx, Hair Stylist

March’12 “The Hobbit”(London, Peak District), a feature  film by Paul Geary and Tower House Preparatory School .The movie is an adaptation of the famous Tolkien book “The Hobbit” This is the first film in UK produced by the school. I was one of the Make-up Artists. We created fantasy characters every day including : facial hair, prosthetic noses and ears, bald caps, ageing make-up etc .We had a 10-30 actors every day on set for continuity make up. The actors were in the age range 9-14 years

March’12 ”Parentheses” (London), a feature film by award-winning director Max Sobol.  

March’12 “Walmart Commercial” (London), by Jabril Muse and Valentina Rizutto. Make dark story about a serial killer. I used to work there as a SFX/Prosthetics artist. I made prosthetics: crushed head by hammer, piece of crushed brain, stabbed 

chest and stomach, cut neck etc.

Feb’12 “A very important cake”(London),  short film by Jane McGee-Make Up Artist 


Feb’12 “Reduction” (London), short film by Matt E. Hudson

I worked with famous actors e.g. Benjamin Whithrow, Sylvia Syms

Jan’12 “Melting Pot” (London), by Riccardo Sai -commercial film for Accademia 

Appulia Network – Head Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

Nov’11-Jan ’11 ‘Dance on the horse’ - Feature Film (Sulamanya and  Dunkan in Iraq), by Directors of Cinema Sulamanya and Sardal Khalil. As Head Make Up Artist/SFX and Hair Stylist  I managed the hair and make-up budget, created every single movie character , seeking permits and collaboration with clothing stores, photographing all actors so that I could recreate looks for continuity, cooperation with the Art Department etc. I applied hair and make-up for all characters: special effects including, sweating, facial hair, a leg cut off from a bomb explosion, a hand following a wolf bite, a dog whose head is painted to resemble a wolf..

Nov ’11 ‘Ravishing Beauty’- (London) short film by Harry Clegg, I was Head MUA and 


Sep’11-Oct’11 ‘Phantom of a previous war’- Feature Film (Sulamanya in Iraq) 

Hair Stylist/Sfx Make Up Hawre Mustafa – on cinemas from Feb’12 .Head SFX Mua and Hair Stylist

April’ 11 ‘Blade Runner’- short film by Richard Cosgrove (London) – a film shot on the green screen.  SFX Make-Up Artist

March’11 ‘A Difference of 50p shoot’ by Chris Kojie (London, Kent) –short film–Head Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist 

The Head Special Effects Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist. An animated film shot on the green screen. My role was to make actors look like puppets, and applying wigs and contact lenses.

Feb’11 ‘Blind Alley ‘(London) - Animation Story by Harry Clegg . 

The Head Special Effects Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist. An animated film shot on the green screen. My role was to make actors look like puppets, and applying wigs and contact lenses.


Dec’10                       ‘Pirate’ – (London)- Short Film by Eduart Vijulie – SFX/Make-Up Artist

Oct’10  ‘City Stars ‘Feature Film (London) Stars Projects–by William Wondwosen—Head  MUA

Sept’10 ‘Footless Men’—(London) Film4u–by Kim Petterson –Make-Up Artist

I was in sole charge of the hair and make-up. I produced a variety of looks ranging   from ‘natural’ to ‘evening’ and the dead, murdered man.

August’10 SAR Productions Ltd Feature Film ‘David is Dying’ (London) by Stephen Lloyd 

Jackson -the multi-award winning, 'INDEPENDENT' urban movie (seven awards). 

Head Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist and Costume Designer

I managed the hair and make-up budget, created every single movie character with costume, make-up,  hair etc, shopping for the actors, seeking permits and collaboration with clothing stores, looking  for costumes and props, photographing all actors so that I could recreate looks for continuity, cooperation with the Art Department etc. I applied hair and make-up for all characters: special effects, ageing, face painting nightmares, a woman after abortion, weating, facial hair, creating flashbacks to the main actors in the 80’s, etc.

August’10 ‘Beyond the Forest’ (London) Hyperspace Film Ltd–by Aaditya Jani

Make-Up Artist/SFX. I was in charge of the hair and make-up of the characters 

on the day, and special effects. 

July ’10 ‘Real Enough’ (London) –by Kevin Curtis – Make-Up Artist

July’10 AQUA Music Video by Michele Castellucci

May’10 ‘Evans Baby’ by Devron Callender –Feature Movie- Make-up Artist 

http://www.evansbaby (Special Effects e.g. man shot in head)

April’10 Disclosure Productions & Buzz Films’ Ladies and Gentlemen ‘- TV Pilot by 

Robin Schmidt – Make-up Artist 

I was in sole charge of the hair and make-up. 

I produced a variety of looks ranging from the natural to evening and drug addict.

Feb’10 Mayamada – Collective Tees (London) – Commercial Photo Shoots – Make-Up Artist

Feb’10 ‘The Perfect 0rgan’ (London) Short Drama Production by Tivian Zvekan for 

WAES SFX/Make–up and Hair Stylist (showed at the SW1 Gallery)

Jan’10 ‘Cross My Heart’ (London) Short Drama Production for WAES – Make-up /SFX

Dec’09 ‘Dirt Worshipping Heathen’ &‘The Picture Frame’ (London)  2-Films made by 


Music Videos

April’15                       “Once,it Happened” (London) music video by Yrsa Daley-Ward .Make Up and 


Feb’15                         “How this goes” (UK) The Coronas Music Video – Make Up and Hair 

Nov’14                        “Nobody’s Empire Viral Video” (London) music video. Make Up and Hair 

Oct’14-Nov’14            “The Arms Are Mine “(UK) FOR Otis Redding song. Vintage Hair and Make Up

Sept’14                        “Bad Girl” (London) Music Video by Orwi Manny Ameh .Make Up, Hair , Costume 

Jun’14                         “In the Dark” (London) Music Video .Sfx Make Up Artist 

April’14                        “Tom Music Video of Doom “ Music Video .Make Up and Hair 

Jun’13                          “A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work “ (London) Music Video by Darkstar

Mad Ninja Films–Head Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist, Stylist


March’13                    “I magine It Was Us”(London)Music video by Jessie Ware 


Feb’13                        “ Forbidden Fruit”(London)music video for Chelsea Perkins track –Key Make Up /Hair


Jan’13                         “Baconhead – Hawaii”(London) music video by Max Sobol –Key Sfx Make Up Artist 


Dec’12                         “Now”(London) music video for Sonya Titus by Estabrak Al-Ansari .Make up /Hair 

                                     and Bodypainting 

Nov’12                         “Easy on the Eye”(London) – music video from Stolian Heights by Stanislava 


                                      Sfx Make Up and Hair


August’12 “I Can’t Wait” (London)—Jasmine June Music Video—Make-Up Artist and Hair

May’12 “Everybody's Falling in Love" and “R1 Ryders”(London) music videos-Mua and Hair

April’12  “Get up, Get up”-Wideboy Generation (Brighton)–Music Video .Make Up Artist 

Nov’10 Beardyman's debut single: 'Where Does Your Mind Go?' Music video—MUA


June’14 –July ‘14         “Cream Cracker under the settee “ by Brandon McGuire (UK) Sfx Make Up and Hair

July’14 –Sep’14           “The Curing Room” by David Ian Lee (London) Head SFX Designer and MakeUp

August’12 “Two Sisters and Piano” by Nilo Cruz (London) Leicester Square Theatre – MUA 

July ’12  “The Tempest ” William Shakespeare’s at Drayton  Theatre (London) by Anna    

                                       Ostergen— Make Up Artist and Make Up Designer

Feb’11  Nouveau Guignol Theatre (London) - SFX/Make-Up Artist 

Period Make Up, also I made lots of prosthetics e.g.: gouged eyes, bitten dick etc



Dec’14-March ’15      Ill Willed SFX Workshops (Dublin)  trained by Gurus of SFX and prosthetic 

makeup artists Steve Johnson (famous for his work on Predator, Spiderman 2 and War of the Worlds) 

and Tate Steinsiek (known for his work on Law and Order, and the Amazing Spiderman).

-Gore & SFX Gags

-Intro to silicone prosthetics

-Advance full silicone mask 

Sept’10 –Jun ‘12 WAES (London)

                                     Production Arts (Make Up)(QCF), 

                                     WITH THE DOUBLE GRADE DISTINCTION DISTINCTION 

BTEC International Diploma in ‘Media Make-Up’

UNITS including wig-making, prosthetics, SFX, period make-up, hair.

Jan’10-Jun’10 Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) (London)

  • Make–Up with Prosthetics (Intermediate) 
  • Airbrushed Cosmetics 
  • Bridal & Special Occasion Hair & Make-up
  • Face Painting
  • Special Effects Make-Up (Passed)
  • Special Effects Make-Up with Prosthetics (Passed)

June’09 WAES—(London) — Hairstyling for Film and TV 

2008-2009 Cavendish College—(London) Theatrical and Special Effects Make-up course

Sept ’08-Dec ’08 London Academy of Media—Photographic and Wedding Make-up course

Sept ’07-Dec’07 Morley College (London)—Fashion Make-up course

Oct ’07-June ’08 Alternative College of Art (Poland)—Make-up Artist and Stylist—Diploma

  • learning specialist make-up techniques;
  • face correction, forms of make-up: day, evening, fashion, theatre make-up
  • body painting, period make-up (e.g. the 20’s, the 30’s, the 40’s, punk.)


2003 Avon—Make-up course (Tarnow, Poland) Diploma

Sept’01-June’ 02 French language course (Paris, France)

1995-1999 Grammar School (Tarnow, Poland) 

Completed with grade 87% in Administration—Diploma



  • Polish (mother tongue, native speaker)
  • English (excellent fluency)
  • Good communication skills
  • IT literate: good knowledge of Microsoft Office: Word and Excel, Internet 
  • Photoshop
  • Full UK Driving Licence


Hobbies & Interests

  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Horse riding
  • Collecting Venetian masks
  • Theatre
  • Film
  • I have just discovered cricket and I like it!


Additional Information: 

I am:

  • Communicative and sociable
  • Reliable and hard-working
  • Loyal, honest, imaginative; a perfectionist


References and Portfolio available on request.